Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant Cedar Mill

Call us at (503) 626-3338

13510 NW Cornell Road Portland, OR 97229

Getting ready for opening date


Due to construction delays, the restaurant has been closed a lot longer than we initially expected, and have been getting questions if we’re permanently close or we moved elsewhere.


We are not permanently closed and plans are underway to get the restaurant open and running very soon, construction and remodeling are almost complete and we’ve started getting equipment set up in our new kitchen. We are expecting to open soon and we will announce the grand opening day here on our website.


If you want to stay informed or would like us to email you about our opening day, please fill out the contact form here.


Check back soon, we will have some exciting promotions and news for our opening week.


We look forward to serving each and all of you at our new location with an improved service and location.


Thank you


Mazatlan Cedar Mill Staff